How You Can Prevent Razor Burn


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When we shave, we are not only removing the hair from the surface of the skin, but we are removing the top layer of skin too. If you are shaving regularly – a few times a week – then you are probably removing more layers of skin than you should. This can result in sensitivity and razor burn. The red rash type reaction can be stingy and unsightly so it’s definitely not what you need when you’re on the way out the door!

We’ve put together a few tips for you to help you avoid getting razor burn – and they’re not expensive treatments either! Take a look and you can definitely reduce your risk of having razor burn!

– Invest

Your best bet when it comes to avoiding razor burn is to invest in a decent razor. This all depends on your budget but you can get a good electric razor from most drug stores for as little as 20 bucks! If you’re not too gone on a reusable, invest in some good disposable razors. Ya they might be a little bit more expensive, but the better the razor, the closer your shave. This means shaving less and therefore exposing your skin to the trauma of being shaved more than it can handle!

– Use Sensitive Products

While razor burn happens to pretty much everyone, if it is happening to you more often than normal, it might mean that your skin is sensitive. You should be careful of the products you are using to either shave with, or soothe after. If you go for the sensitive products you can avoid an unsightly reaction! When you shave, you open up your pores and when you apply product, it seeps right in so if you are sensitive to certain products it would be wise to avoid them!

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– Moisturize

So shaving is like you’re tearing away the top layer of skin as well as the hair on the surface. This is great in one sense if you don’t shave too often, but if you are doing int regularly, you can take away the second and third layers of skin causing a reaction – razor burn. To help soothe your skin after you’ve shaved, you should always moisturize. Coconut oil is an excellent, natural remedy. It is known for it’s anti bacterial properties as well as it’s amazing moisturizing properties! It’s super cheap and it available at the supermarket so there are no reasons you shouldn’t go grab some!

– Epilate

If you can’t seem to get away from razor burn, then you probably shouldn’t be shaving in the first place! If you invest in an epilator, you will get all the benefits of at home hair removal, and the benefits of the long lasting effects of waxing! While it can be a bit sore to start out, it is definitely worth trying for a bit. An epilator pulls the hair from the root meaning that grow back takes longer, and the hair is thinner. There is no stubbly feeling that you find with shaving. The epilator doesn’t actually come into contact with your skin so even if yours is very sensitive you can avoid the issues caused by waxing and shaving!