How You Can Prevent Premature Aging!


Source: Thinkstock/ Marko Skrbic

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with having wrinkles, if you haven’t earned them through years of wisdom, something is wrong. Aging prematurely is something a lot of younger women are asking dermatologists about in recent years, and the answer to all of your problems is skincare.

We are given one skin to live in for our entire lives and being careless with it is something we will pay for at some point in our lives! So be warned, it is never too early to start an anti-aging skincare regime, and taking care of your skin is one of the most important things you can do!

Here are a few tips on how to do just that, without breaking the bank!

– Drink Water

This point cannot be stressed enough! Water is essential for every aspect of our health, physical and mental! As the largest organ, skin needs a lot of moisture to keep from dehydrating and if you’re not drinking enough water, your skin is going to pay for it.

The recommended amount is 2 liters a day but if you workout, or you’re in an active job where you’re constantly moving, and maybe breaking a sweat, that amount could definitely be increased! If you need extra motivation, why not treat yourself to a pretty water bottle?! Or find one that keeps your water ice cold all day!


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– Moisturize!

Another skincare basic that cannot be said enough! It doesn’t matter what type of skin you have, whether it’s dry or it’s oily, you get breakouts or not, you need to moisturize. The type of moisturizer you get however, is important when you’re considering your skin type.

If you have found that you’re staring to see some fine lines, or even some more pronounced ones, try using coconut or almond oil every other night. You can get expensive creams but if you want to keep in your budget, coconut oil can be bought in any supermarket for a couple bucks! You can use it on your cuticles, your hair, your callused feet too. It’s a wonder product!

– Treat Your Skin

When you’ve put in a long busy week, or a particularly tough workout, you like to treat yourself right? Well your skin is part of all that work and should be given treats too! A homemade DIY mask can be just the ticket to pampering your skin!

This one is great for packing n the moisture, and the ingredients are dirt cheap too!

Cook a half cup of oats and mix them together with half an avocado. Rub it all over your face (and your neck and decolletage too if you please) and leave for 15 or 20 minutes. There is no harm leaving it longer so why not relax with your favorite program and let it work it’s magic! Rinse it off with warm water and your skin will feel baby soft!

– Remember Your Sunscreen

Every time you go outside, your skin is abject to UV rays from the sun – even if you can’t see it. The everyday damage your skin suffers from sun rays is unbelievable and is the reason why it is so important to remember your UV protection.

A lot of foundations actually have UV protection added which is great, but if yours doesn’t you should invest in a face sunscreen that you can wear everyday. It may not be cheap but not only will it save you from premature aging on your face, neck and decolletage, it might save you from skin cancer too!