How To Save Your Dry Cuticles


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Most women don’t have the time to get a regular manicure, they need to get to work, get in their workout, look after their kids or pets – there are so many things that take precedence over a little bit of pampering. But when you disregard the health of your hands you not only age yourself visually, you open yourself up to infections! Cuticle care may seem like something that you’re not too worried about, but we have some tips here for you that first off, take very little or no time, and they’re cheap!

– Steam

When you get out of the shower, the water and the steam have helped to soften your skin. By applying your moisturizer or a nail oil straight after the shower, you’re allowing it to penetrate the skin even further than normal.

– Using Gloves

When you are doing the dishes, or scrubbing the bathroom, or you’re just submerging your hands in water for long periods of time, you should be wearing protective gloves. As we said above, hot water softens your skin. If you are using chemicals, these can then penetrate your skin further. Chemicals can not only be drying to your skin, promoting cracked and dry cuticles, they can do more damage than that so you should always be careful!


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– Coconut Oil

The wonder product! This is cheap, and it’s natural. You can use some in the morning before you head to work, or at night before you go to sleep. For extra moisture; you can pop on a pair of cotton gloves which will help soak the oil in even better! Remember to massage it in and to rub it into your nails too!

– Vitamins 

Cracked cuticles and dry skin in general may be a sign of a deficiency in some certain vitamins. You should up your zinc and Vitamin E intake with foods like spinach and seafood, or you can try get a supplement into your daily routine!

– Olive Oil

Again, this is a natural product and it is cheap! Heat up a bowl of olive oil so that it is warm and soak your fingertips in it for 5 or 10 minutes. Massage in the oil too and you’ll notice how healing the oil is almost immediately! Again, leave it on your skin overnight with a pair of cotton gloves and let it work it’s magic!

So there you have it, nail and cuticle care is actually pretty easy! And you probably have the products in your own home! Remember to take your few minutes to pamper yourself every day, you deserve it!