How To Get Lip Stick Staying Power!


Source: hercampus

You apply your make up with the precision of a pro and you look amazing. Your last step is to apply your lipstick and voila, your look is complete! You leave the house ready for the day ahead and an hour in you catch your reflection in a store window. Wow! you think, I’m on fire today but, no. Wait. Your lipstick has smudged and your effort is gone to ruin. You run home, wash your face, bury yourself in your bed and vow to never bother again.

Just kidding! Sorry for the dramatics but we know how frustrating it is, especially when it was a strong color and it’s stained your skin. Natural disaster at its worst right? Well, we’ve found an amazing trick to stop this happening again. And it’s pretty easy!

So, first things first, Exfoliate.  Your lips are like any other part of your body and once dead skin starts amassing, you can say goodbye to any chance of your lipstick staying put. So if you’re in a rush, use your toothbrush and give your lips a quick scrub once your finished brushing your teeth. If you’ve got some time, mix a little sugar and water and rub it over your lips with your finger. This only takes a minute but your lips will be silky smooth after!


Source: sheblog

Next, you need to Prime. Create a base like you do for the rest of your make up. Apply a layer of your preferred foundation over your lips and we can promise that your color will stay for the day.

Once you’ve applied your chosen color, get a piece of 2-ply toilet tissue. Split it in half and Blot your lips. Apply a second layer of color and with the other half of the tissue, lay it over your lips. Using a translucent Powder, brush it lightly OVER the tissue. This will absorb any excess moisture.

Finally, to avoid it leaking into the tiny lines around your lips, use a Concealer to create a line around your lip line. Use a brush to get it right up to the line and remember to blend it into your foundation!

That’s it, your lipstick will stay put for the day and you won’t have to worry about being caught off guard with a red smudge under your nose!