Household Beauty: Making Custom Makeup From Home

Source: Thinkstock/nemesis_inc_

Source: Thinkstock/nemesis_inc_

There are few things as entertaining as heading to a favorite cosmetics counter and scooping up a brand new product I’ve had my eye on — when I have the money. The reality is, not only are those eye shadows, lipsticks, and mascaras expensive, but a lot of them include some really unappealing chemicals. Some brands are great about being all natural, but having a conscience costs a lot. The cheap brands, well, you end up paying in unpronounceable additives.

Fortunately, there’s a growing movement I can really get behind: the homemade make up movement. Turns out, a lot of my favorite face paints can be conjured out of a few common supplies found in the pantry and some cheap ingredients found online. Here are a few options you can try.

Start With the Eyes


Ever thought about mixing your own eye shadows for a totally custom look that flatters the skin and can’t be duplicated? Make your own eye shadow using little more than baby powder and powdered food dye. Mix and match dye colors to create something that pops, and then sweep it on like you would any store-bought product.

And what, pray-tell, do you do if you prefer creamy shadow to the dusty kind? Use Vaseline or Vitamin E to create a gel-like substance that stays in place for hours but comes off easily.

Prepare the Face


Foundation is one of those expenses that seem especially painful, as many people, like myself, wear it every day just to feel human. But rather than dumping paycheck after paycheck at Sephora, why not extend the use of your bottles while introducing more moisture to your parched skin?

This is more beauty trick than custom made suggestion, but thinning out your favorite foundation with equal parts facial moisturizer will provide a similar level of priming plus twice the hydration. The result: long-lasting enhancement that benefits your skin.

Wipe the Slate Clean


One of the least fun parts of wearing make up is removing it at the end of the day. Throwing down bills at the drugstore — or worse, the cosmetics counter in the mall — is a waste of bar hopping money. Coconut, olive, or baby oil are all hydrating solutions for removing make up gently and effectively. And no, you’re not likely to break out from using oil to clean your face. But if you are nervous, you can always wash it off after with your usual face wash.

Once you’re clean and moisturized by nature, add in a little eco-friendly toner. Just use cooled tea with a few drops of essential oils and a touch of rubbing alcohol.

All girls deserve to look and feel beautiful, even during a recession or when on a tight budget. Using these tips not only allows me to customize my colors to suit my mood or outfit, they also provide me with more disposable income at the end of the month. Win-win. If you have any fantastic tips on how to make your own make up, share them below.