Are Hair Extensions Really Worth It?

While some of us suffer with hair that just will not grow past a certain point, or hair that no matter which ‘volumising’ shampoo we use, stays flat and lifeless, it is still worth weighing up whether the cost of hair extensions is really worth it. So yes, they can add length, volume, change your color in no time, and just entirely change up your look, do some investigating before you book that appointment!

Hair Extension Facts

  • Most commonly, hair extensions are used to lengthen hair, however, you can also use them to add volume – in addition to or instead of length.
  • You can get hair extensions once your hair is longer than 3 inches. So even if you got that pixie cut not so long ago, you can add length!
  • There are several ways to put in extensions – you can have them braided, glued, or woven in. As well as these options, you can get clip-in extensions that you use sporadically.
  • You can color or highlight extensions.
  • While the process is not painful, if they are braided or woven in, extensions can feel quite ‘tight’ for a time.

What you Should Look For in Hair Extensions

  • Find out what they’re made from – you can get 100% human hair extensions, or synthetic. Human hair is more expensive but better quality.
  • How can the extensions you’re purchasing applied and removed?
  • How many weight (volume) options are available and do they suit your needs?

The goal with hair extensions is to elevate your look, and give you a natural looking makeover. Older methods such as gluing can be both damaging and obvious so you should always be careful of which method your hairdresser is using. By choosing synthetic extensions, you are limiting yourself to the styles you can do – they should not be heated – so you should be aware of what you are putting into your hair!

What Should you Avoid in Hair Extensions

Extensions that are heavier than your own hair are damaging and can look very obvious. Single strands look much more natural than strips of hair and you should do some research into which brands and weights are suited to your hair type. If the extensions do not suit your hair, you’re going to be more prone to problems with them!

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