Greasy Hair? You Don’t Need To Wash It To Make It Look Clean!

The woman with a wild unhealthy hair.

Source: Thinkstock/ golubovy

Don’t you just hate when you have plans that you’re excited about but you just don’t have the time or the energy to wash your hair? We’ve all been there, and we have some tips to help you get away without washing yours for another day! The greatest part of this is, you probably have all of these things lying around the house so even if it’s last minute, you can be out the door on time!

– Baby Powder

This stuff works like magic! The only thing is though, you need to be careful how much you’re applying; you don’t want to look like you’re covering up white roots! Part your hair into sections from the middle down and using a teaspoon sprinkle a little powder along each part-line. You can leave this sit for a few minutes to ‘soak’ or straight away you can start rubbing it in. Within seconds you’ll see the difference, greasy hair be gone! Bonus: the talcum powder adds some great volume to your hair so work that big hair look!

– Cornstarch (and Cocoa Powder)

This basically works the same as the talcum trick – if you have darker hair, you can mix in some cocoa powder and you don’t need to worry about any embarrassing white patches in your ‘do. Again, mixing the two ingredients, use a teaspoon to sprinkle on your roots and rub it in! Bonus: your hair will smell delicious!

– Blotting Papers

So your cupboards are bare and you have no talcum, cornstarch, or cocoa? No fear. Grab some blotting papers, and rub them along the greasy roots! If you are reading this in advance and think this seems like a great trick, pick some up in the drug store next time you’re there – they’re dirt cheap and so handy to have lying around! Bonus: you can use them on your face too!

– Mini Blowout

Okay so the worst has happened and you have none of the above in your house and after tearing the kitchen apart you’re running out of time. We’ve still got you. Grab a few rollers or a round brush, or just a normal brush if you have neither. Roll your hair around whichever utensil you prefer and blow the hairdryer over your hair for a few seconds. It will lift your hair from the root giving the illusion of a freshly washed mane, and it will add a nice body! Bonus: people will think you went to the effort of going to a hairdresser!

Sourced from: by Miki Hayes