Does One Size Really Fit “All”?

With so many “One Size Fits All” stores popping up online and around town, the cool cats at Buzzfeed decided to test the theory. What they found out may or may not shock you.

They rounded up five women of different shapes and sizes, and asked them to try on different “one size fits most” pieces from popular retailer Brandy Melville.

Here are the lovely ladies:

As you may have guessed, one size does not fit all – in fact one size only fits one size (the same size of an average model: size 0-2).

Here are the ladies trying on the “Emilia” Skirt:

The girls said of the skirt:

Allison: “Not sure who this would fit. I think if they are trying to do one-size-fits bottoms, the waistband needs to be made of elastic. Even still, this skirt makes no sense. It’s tiny, like for children, but requires childbearing hips. Made for Barbie.”
Lara:” Trying to put this skirt on was like reliving nightmares of trying to fit in Hollister as a child in an effort to fit in. It isn’t a good feeling.”
Candace: “This says one size fits all, but fits small/medium so… (shrugs). I’m a medium and this wouldn’t even go over my hips. It really made me feel awful.”
Sheridan: “I’ve always wanted a skirt that can barely clasp over one of my thighs…”
Kristin: “This literally would not have fit me as an 8-year-old. I don’t know how anyone fits into this.”

At the end of the day, the women all agreed: there is no such thing as “one size fits all”, and that we as women, should embrace our bodies and our unique sizes.

“I don’t think these clothes are so much ‘one size fits all’ as much as they are ‘one size fits a mystery size, to be revealed when you actually try it on,’ ” said Kristin.

“There’s clearly no such thing as one size fits all! Everyone has a different shape, and clothing stores should embrace that instead of making people feel [bad] for not being able to fit what they deem to be a universal size. ‘One size fits all’ sends a message that if you don’t fit into the clothing, whether it’s too big or too small, you’re not ‘normal,’ and leads to all sorts of body dissatisfaction,” said Allison.

So ladies – be proud of what you’ve got and just remember, one size definitely does not fit “all” and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

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