Coachella 2015: Your Guide To The Hottest Festival Fashion Must-Haves

There’s one place that I would want to be this weekend and that’s in the INDIO desert! Yep, that’s right; COACHELLA is about to get this weekend started for hundreds of thousands of people and I’m totes jealz. The famous arts and music festival is going to be jam-packed with the best musical acts and countless celebrities from all over. A few of my favorite acts taking to the Coachella stage this weekend are Tame Impala, Alabama Shakes, The Weekend, Gramatik, FKA TWIGS, ALLAH- LAS and the insanely talented JACK WHITE, to name but a few!

That’s just one aspect of it. But we all know another important (and some would argue EQUALLY important) – aspect to Coachella is the always ON-POINT festival “street-style” on show throughout the entire 6 day event. I’m positive this year is going to be no exception. So how exactly does one go about emulating the fabulously folky aesthetic every self-respecting Coachella attendant wouldn’t be caught dead NOT wearing? Scroll down for some fashion inspiration!

First off, what would a festival be without oodles and oodles of aztec print? If you’re someone who’s more understated when it comes to fashion, grab yourself a simple tee, dress, or pair of shorts with some aztec print and you’ll immediately feel more festival appropriate!

Coachella: All About the Aztec
Coachella 2015

I don’t know about you, but when I think of music festival fashion Coachella is pretty much my go to source for inspirational outfits. The bohemian- hippie style is always  a favorite. Flower crowns, flowy kimonos,  short floral boho dresses, gladiator sandals, ankle boots, fringe, floppy hats,  bohemian statement necklaces, and of course, the aforementioned aztec print is always an essential. I’m also thinking lots of the ladies will be rocking different colored hair and wavy beachy locks.

Coachella Hairstyles

Coachella Hairstyles by todayslifestyle featuring free people hair accessories

The main thing to remember is to just have fun. Don’t get too caught up in trying to get the *perfect* fashion look, because not all of us are lucky enough to have stylists on hand 24/7 like our favorite celebs do! But definitely have fun, do something a little different and be sure to step outside of your fashion comfort zone. Music festivals provide the perfect opportunity when it comes to style experimentation and becoming the boho goddess you’ve always dreamed of being!

We’ve also rounded up some of our favorite daily essentials you should pack with you below. A good pair of sunglasses, lip balm, sun screen, and a good scarf for when it gets chilly at night are all  key items you should be packing.

The Coachella Essentials