Breaking the Fashion Mold – Why Plus-Size Models Are Inspiring

Tess Munster

Paragraph 4 - Tess Munster

“Fat is a trigger word. But if you use it often enough, it simply describes another one of your qualities. I think what helps me is taking the hurt out of the word. In the beginning I called myself curvy and all bodies have curves. So I would always call myself curvy and get upset when people called me fat. Owning it gives me strength: yeah, I’m fat — but I’m also all the good things that I am.”

Ali Tate

Paragraph 5 - Ali Tate

“True beauty comes from the soul to change yourself, and to conform to anyone else’s standards of beauty, is to change your essence, own who you are, and you become a truly powerful woman.”

Paragraph 6

Plus-sized women are beautiful and sexy in their own right, with lucrative modeling contracts to back it up. Marquita Pring has been modeling for years, first under Ford Modes and is now represented by IMG Models, one of the most lucrative and high-profile agencies in the country.