Breaking the Fashion Mold – Why Plus-Size Models Are Inspiring

Being plus-sized doesn’t mean you have to hide your curves. Embrace them! Society has evolved to embrace every woman, at every size. The plus-sized clothing and retail business is continuously growing, thanks to many retailers taking the plunge to offer clothing that helps women redefine the word “plus-sized.” This has opened doors for plus-sized models to be featured in magazines, fashion shows and on television as a new standard of today’s woman.

It’s an inspiration to see women who aren’t afraid to show their bodies and be accepting of who they are, not afraid to wear clothing that used to be considered off-limits. Plus-sized models have no problems posing for underwear commercials, wearing two-piece swimsuits and other revealing clothing that positively accentuate their physiques. It’s all about knowing what looks good on you and capitalizing on those attributes, mixed with a high level of confidence.

Many plus-sized women aren’t necessarily overweight, but have a different body type than those women who are naturally thin. Contrary to popular belief, many women deemed “plus-sized” work out, watch what they eat and can be very healthy, even at a larger size, challenging the typical standard of what “plus-sized” really is. High-profile plus-sized models have quite a bit to say about being plus-sized, giving women who have more “meat” on their bones a reason to be empowered and accepting of who they are:

Robyn Lawley

Paragraph 3 -Robyn Lawely (Copy)

“Since there is an assumption that a lot of models’ starve themselves to stay thin, I always find it both funny and shocking when people ask me if I ‘overeat’ or and ‘fed better’ on photo shoots to help me stay a ‘larger size.’ While I may be a total foodie and enjoy cooking, I simply eat when I’m hungry and finish just before I’m full.”