Check It: How To Correct The Most Common Beauty Mistakes

10. Too Much Foundation


You really only need a small amount of foundation to ensure optimal coverage.  A heavy layer can make your face appear “caked on” and clog up your pores.  Consider spot-treating your trouble areas (blemishes, etc.) rather than covering your entire face with concealer.  Remember to blend, blend, blend for a true even skin tone!

9. Ring of Lip Liner


Since many lip liners will stick to your lips longer than your lip color, if you’re not careful you can wind up wearing nothing but the liner!  To avoid this, either use a liner closer to the natural tone of your lips, or use the liner to color in your lips before applying lipstick.  As an added bonus: this extra layer will actually make your lipstick stick better.

8. Too Much Nail Polish


If you are the kind of girl who ALWAYS wears polish, you could be doing some serious damage to your nails (which is why they begin to yellow over time).  To remove the yellowish stains, rub a mixture of lemon juice and hydrogen peroxide on your nails using a cotton ball or soft cloth.  Diligence in applying a base coat before your color will prevent future staining.

7. Dirty Brushes


Let’s face it: makeup brush care is sometimes the last thing on our “to do” list.  But if you don’t wash your brushes frequently enough, not only will they begin to apply mixed and muddled colors to your face due to build up, but they can also begin to grow bacteria which can lead to acne breakouts.  Once a week is a manageable amount to wash your tools in order to prevent catastrophe.

6. Forgetting the Sunblock!


The long-term care of your skin should be a top priority.  In addition to all of the scary cancerous properties it has, prolonged sun exposure also leads to wrinkles, fine lines, and other signs of aging.  If you don’t like sunblock, try using a moisturizer that comes pre-loaded with SPF 30 or above!

5. Heat-styling Without Protection


If you use heat to style your hair on a regular basis, you need to protect that hair or you’ll cause serious damage.  Frizzy, dry, and flyaway-prone hair are all direct results of too much heat and too little TLC.  Ensure that you’re using a heat protectant before you style to shield your hair from damage.

4. Mascara on Eyelid


Mascara can sometimes get a little feisty and make a run for it resulting in splotches of makeup where it’s not supposed to be (eyelids, cheeks, etc.).  To prevent random dark spots due to mascara leakage, run a cotton swab over the top of your lids after applying mascara.  This will remove the excess wet makeup and prevent it from running away to other parts of your face.

3. Over-powdering


Powder can not only make your skin appear flat and cakey, but can also settle into fine lines and exaggerate their presence on your face (definitely not the look you’re going for).  If your skin is oily, opt for blotting papers before powder.  You only need a fine dusting of very light, translucent powder to set your makeup.

2. Wearing the Wrong Hue


Nothing can take your look from glam to gross quite like foundation, illuminator, or concealer that simply doesn’t match your skin tone.  To avoid this, get color-matched by a professional.  Most beauty suppliers will happily provide this service to you free of charge with your makeup purchase.

1. Failing to Moisturize


Even if your skin is oily, it still needs the vial nutrients that moisturizer provides.  The key is to pick a moisturizer that matches your skin-type; light, oil-free moisturizer will give your skin a glowing, healthy, and natural finish.  Ensure that you apply daily for maximum benefits.