American Apparel Finally Fires Former CEO Dov Charney, Hires Woman As Replacement

American Apparel Fires Dov Charney and Hires Its First Female CEO

Fashion executive Paula Schneider is replacing Dov Charney as CEO at American Apparel six months after the company initially suspended him for alleged sexual misconduct.

According to TIME, “Charney has faced repeated accusations of sexually harassing employees and of discriminating against less attractive staff on the grounds that they undermined the corporate aesthetic.” In combination with the company’s tendency to produce controversial, skeevy and slightly pornographic advertisements, Dov Charney probably wasn’t the best face for a company that was already facing criticism for the inherent sexism of its promotional choices.

Indeed, it seems that with sales having declined by 7% in the last quarter, the young hip folk who would generally shop at the store aren’t really down with American Apparel’s apparent morals anymore. (That, or people are becoming sick of overly priced solid colored shirts and leotards that come in limited sizes.)

Of their decision, David Danziger, the co-chairman of American Apparel’s board, said that the company “needs a permanent CEO who can bring stability and strong leadership in this time of transition, and we believe Ms. Schneider fits the bill perfectly.”

In a statement, Schneider said “My goal is to make American Apparel a better company, while staying true to its core values of quality and creativity and preserving its sweatshop-free, Made in USA manufacturing philosophy.”

It’s good to see that Charney is finally being dealt with after years of his rumored sexual misconduct and the company’s sexist and archaic hiring policies. Perhaps with a female CEO the company will be able to move past these policies and maybe even produce advertisements where the women are actually wearing their clothes. A gal can dream, right?