4 Ways You Didn’t Know Could Stop Those Breakouts!

Thinkstock/Zoonar RF

Thinkstock/Zoonar RF

Everyone has the odd breakout here and there, and they always seem to happen at the worst possible times right?! When they start to become more and more frequent though, you know something if off. Well there are 8 things that we are all probably guilty of when it comes to looking after our blemishes and if we can stop these habits, we can stop the breakouts!

– Home Zit Treatment

So unfortunately, zit creams are only a reactive measure rather than a proactive one. Which totally sucks. But by plastering your face in zit cream in an attempt to counteract any that may be brewing under the surface is only a waste of your precious cream. While it’s great to reduce the look (and sometimes pain) of those pesky zits, it’s not a miracle worker. Don’t lose hope though, if you’ve got a date this weekend and a zit decides to erupt on Thursday night, using a zit cream will definitely help!

– Only Use Acne Products When You Need To

So like we said in tip #1, there is no point using zit treatments everywhere – it’s useless. But, by using a lighter product everyday, or even every second day, your breakouts will definitely reduce – and you won’t need to worry so much about the stronger stuff! Using a cleanser with salicylic acid can work proactively! You can clear the pores that will potentially become blocked and infected before they cause you any trouble!

– Picking

While it has been burned into our brains that picking zits is a HUGE no-no, it seems that maybe it’s not such a big deal! Dermatologists have said that using a clean extraction tool with a lance to pierce whiteheads, is actually okay! You can pick one up in drug stores or Sephora but be sure that your face as well as your hands and extraction tool are thoroughly clean before doing anything. You don’t want to be spreading the infection!

– Use Moisturizer

So you have oily skin and therefore you shouldn’t be using moisturizer, right? Wrong. By drying out your skin, you’re not going to make any helpful differences to your acne or blemishes. By dehydrating your skin like that, your body will actually over compensate and produce more oil. If you’re very wary of how much oil you’re adding to your skin, get an oil-free moisturizer! Remember though that products like coconut oil are full of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties so they might be worth a try! If you’re not sure what suits your skin, ask a specialist in a department store, your doctor, or a pharmacist!

Sourced from: glamour.com by Deanna Pai