15 Trends To Watch Out For This Fall/Winter Season

9. High-End Sportswear

15 Trends to Watch Out For this FallWinter Season - High-End Sportswear -9

Athletic trends are constantly evolving, and many designers have focused upon a high-fashion instillation recently. Miu Miu and Fendi have taken the lead, and they’ve provided a wealth of blue, red and black palettes for sport enthusiasts. Where comfort and flexibility are concerned—the style wins the race. Dynamic attribution and a cool disposition underline this trend, and it’ll likely define the runway in upcoming years.

10. The Cape

15 Trends to Watch Out For this FallWinter Season - The Cape - 10

Don’t be intimidated: This fashion style has been a Valentino special, and it’s been witnessed across Dolce & Gabbana and Burberry, too. The oncoming cape style defines bravery and eloquence behind a mysterious pearl embroidery. Featuring delicate designs, a scarlet coloration and a paired-up fur hood, many seasonal fashion capes have complimented the current fantastical resurgence. Providing an alluring texture, a divine cocoon and complete comfort, the cape will likely stand its ground throughout the season and across the holidays.

11. The Night Bird Style

15 Trends to Watch Out For this FallWinter Season - The Night Bird Style - 11

A slight departure from summertime’s warmth of day, ready-to-wear apparel featuring ostrich feather textures and light plumage define the cold seasons. Soft, delicate and light, the style catches the wearer’s silhouette, refining their elegance while delivering a darker disposition. This stylization balances beauty with darkness, and it’s becoming a well-traveled trend as the season opens.

12. The Velvet Night

15 Trends to Watch Out For this FallWinter Season - The Velvet Night - 12

Sensuality isn’t exclusive, and the Velvet Night trend has offered an exotic approach to classical motifs. Silky, shimmering velvet has never been a Fall or Winter inclusion, but its pajama-style suit cut has been well-instilled since the sixties. Offering a wonderfully androgynous feel, a runway-fluid fitting and a seductive embrace, the Velvet Night style exemplifies curves and withholds much from onlookers. The fabric creates a soft, midnight halo, catching light well while exemplifying the feminine mystique.

13. The Military Look

15 Trends to Watch Out For this FallWinter Season - The Military Look - 13

Military-garb needn’t be restrictive, and it needn’t adhere to tight-laced appearances. This autumn has experienced a variety of military khaki attire—each providing a dominating color across a composed design. This hallmark has been perfected to capture the attention of critics while simultaneously spurring an in-depth accommodation for strictness. The grand design tops itself off with a rigorous coloration, spanning from dulcet camouflage to thick sand.

14. Tight Tailoring

15 Trends to Watch Out For this FallWinter Season - Tight Tailoring - 14

Tailoring isn’t normally a fashion-defining aspect, but this Fall and Winter will likely see a significant increase in tighter, form-fitting tailoring. The runway has been dominated by “boyfriend-taken” clothing groups and ensembles. This trend has been enriched through a collection of classic-cut suits provided by Ralph Lauren and Haider Ackerman—supplying this season with a slick, well-fitted approach. Where the future is considered, these suits will likely mesh well with spring, and will go well at post-dinner parties.

15. It’s All About the Gold

15 Trends to Watch Out For this FallWinter Season - It's All About the Gold - 15

Winter promotes indoor activities, and parties based upon fundamental interior design characteristics have defined this season’s interior party-wear. Gold has taken the center stage—and its feature rush across seasonal party dresses has been seen at Dolce & Gabbana, Rodarte and Carven. For Fall and Winter 2014 runways, the precious metal’s pristine coloration is striking. Prepare the spotlights.