15 Trends To Watch Out For This Fall/Winter Season

15 Trends to Watch Out For this FallWinter Season - intro

Fall and winter deliver cool weather and dulcet tones. Many fashion designers have revamped their visions—and the new season promises a wide array of striking pastel colors, a carefree design and a wonderful assortment of trapeze dresses and mini-skirts. These months only arrive once per year, so click Begin Slideshow to make sure that you don’t miss out on these wonderful autumn trends.

1. Thick, Vibrant Furs

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Starting out strong, the season’s collection of wild influences delivers fur flashes, lucrative patchwork and eloquent coloration. Winter is a time for warm, thick attire, and eccentric fur appears to be making an impact. Both eternal and classic fur coat selections are in style, and deep red has heavily influenced the trend.

2. The Shortened Black Coat

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Heavily featured across Calvin Klein, Miu Miu and Costime National, the ¾-length coat has emerged. Where the men’s overcoat has been defined by shorter lengths, a feminine approach and wide, confident buttons, the female winter coat has accessed a lucrative, full-black approach to the new season. The full black look accents other accessories well, delivering a solid base for other, pastel, colors.

3. Mystical Dresses

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Fairy tale princesses have made an impact upon pop-fashion this season. From Snow White to Little Red Riding Hood, autumn’s 2014 and 2015 displays have provided an imaginative, dreamlike take on modern fashion. Utilizing dynamic coloration, delicate fabrics and fantastical embroidery, this year’s dress trend, delivered primarily through Dolce & Gabbana, has enthralled onlookers.

4. Straight from Aspen

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It’s straight from the seventies, and it’s made a resurgence recently. The “Aspen Chic” design has covered the runway with a fashionable, diversified mountain and city suit. This contrast works well with season changes, and its coloration is reminiscent of Christmas while meshing counter-culture abstractness. The Aspen Chic look employs the season’s skinny belt selection well, relying upon Tommy Hilfiger as a prime fringe inspiration.

5. Optical Monochrome

15 Trends to Watch Out For this FallWinter Season - Optical Monochrome -5

Black and white has always been a classic combination. This year, however, monochrome coloration has defined many stylists overtone. Optical monochrome has become increasingly complex and elusive—employing powerful geometric patterns and Rorschach-style shapes. These motifs are captured well within the design’s hypnotic frame, effectively shrouding the season in dynamic creativity.

6. The Indoor Second Skin

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Winter is for cuddling, and Shearling has re-emerged this season as 2014’s must-have brand. The Second Skin style is defined by a classic, visceral rendition of warm, indoor environments. Focusing upon Prada’s own ethnic vibe, and taking accents from Burberry, the Second Skin fashion is ripe for average consumers, and it will likely play an integral role for the shopping season.

7. The Poncho Returns

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Fall and Winter needn’t be deprived of rain-spell attire. The poncho has re-delivered its conservative and protective look, and it hasn’t sacrificed much style to do it. An iconic display of folk-style fashion, the piece is a common Burberry, Roberto Cavalli and Etro stylization. Featured many times upon the runway, the classic and re-defined poncho has delivered a high-life attitude unobtainable by less-refined cuts. Its monochrome coloration epitomizes the season’s alterations, and its fur hood accommodates the cool-weather soul well. Burberry has focused upon the “chic blanket” feel this time around, giving the poncho more flow than ever.

8. Flashback to the Sixties

15 Trends to Watch Out For this FallWinter Season -Flashback to the Sixties - 8

Time-machine fashion selections are worthy across the runway, and many sixties prints have been re-designed, re-organized and re-implemented across fashion communities. A trend normally contingent upon Spring and Summer runways, the coloration has returned: Its Valento-supported psychedelic accents have captured the 1960’s, and its vibrancy can’t be undermined by its competitors. Many prints are laid across free-flowing clothing, making the wearer feel lucid.