15 Tips on Bras: Fit, Form and Fashion


This article explores fifteen types of bras, the pros and cons of certain types and which bras are best for different body types. It also includes tips on measuring for the proper fit and which bra to wear with different types of clothing. Additionally, this article discusses bras that are meant for fun more than function.

15. Wireless Bras

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Wireless bras do not provide the support that underwires do, but they are much more comfortable than any other style of bra.  Usually made of soft cotton, wireless bras have a wider band across the rib cage to help them stay in place. Wireless bras are comfortable enough to sleep in!

14. Demi Bras

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Demi bras are designed to be barely there. They are perfect for wide neck or low cut tops, as they are designed just big enough to cover what it needs to.  Demi bras are for small to average size women as they provide much less coverage than a traditional full cup bra.

13. Shaping Bra

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As is true for most women, women’s breasts are not always identical in shape or size. A Shaping Bra adds padding where you need it and aids in creating a smooth, symmetrical shape underneath her clothing. Shaping bras are typically available in sizes up to DDD; larger than that and a custom bra may be necessary.