15 Tips for Managing Summer Skin: Health and Cosmetics

7. Contour Makeup


Contour makeup is really big right now. It can be done with cream concealers or with powders. Here’s how it works. You use the darker shades to mark where your shadows go, and the lighter shades to mark where the highlights go. Then you blend it all in and you have the perfectly contoured face. Use a little for a natural look, or use it with a full face makeup for a more intense, glamorous look. It’s easy once you do it a few times. Try it!

6. Surfer Girl


For a complete summer look, the trend for 2014 is a natural, lightly tanned face with contour makeup only for a super clean and natural looking face. Complement that gorgeous face with an ombre hair color, usually some shade of blonde, and some carefree beach waves. Basically, when you think of summer makeup, think of the perfect California surfer girl. Little makeup, yet groomed to perfection with an air of carefree fun about her.

5. Nude Lips


Really popular in the summer is the nude lip. It’s kind of funny that the “nude lip” look isn’t anything like an actual nude lip. If you did your entire face and left your lips truly nude it would look terrible! Cosmetically speaking, to achieve a nude lip, first apply a primer. Then outline your lips in a liner that matches your skin tone. Next, after blending the liner, fill in with your favorite (you guessed it) nude shade of lipstick or gloss. A lipstick will wear longer but a gloss will look fresher and more natural.

4. Squeaky Clean


It’s summer, and it’s hot. Here are a couple of ways to stay clean while keeping your cool. Soaps come in all different formulas, for all skin types. One soap for all skin types and especially refreshing for summer is Lemon and Sage Soap by Bliss. The bar is even textured to give your skin a mini massage while you use it. You end up clean, buffed and refreshed!

3. Perfect Pucker


To take proper care of your lips during the summer, choose a lip balm with an SPF in it. You also want to steer clear of anything petroleum based, as the petroleum actually dries your lips out over time. Burt’s Bees has a line of lip products that are all natural and perfect for your pucker!

2. Summer Nails


The key to summer nails is keep it short and sweet! Well groomed nails say a lot about a person, so you always want to make sure your cuticles are in check, your polish is free of chips and the skin on your hands is moisturized. Play with nail art, too! There are lots of fun summer designs!

1. Hydration 101


Our bodies always need to be well hydrated, but especially so in the summer. Not only does your body need to replenish liquids lost in sweating, it also needs it to digest your food, regrow hair and nails, and especially necessary for beautiful clear skin! The best thing you can do for your skin is drink 8 glasses of water a day. So hydrate, look and feel great!