15 Of The Weirdest Beauty Products Nobody Should Own

Women’s beauty is a multi-billion dollar industry. So, if upon looking at the latest beauty product you never knew you needed and find yourself thinking, “wow, now they’ve thought of everything!” just you go and stop those crazy thoughts. They’ll never think of everything, because that would mean they would stop capitalizing off things women never even realized they should be insecure about. That wouldn’t do for the beauty industry at all. As a result, the market for women’s beauty around the world is oversaturated with a lot of junk.

Japan Trend Shop

Japan Trend Shop

Sure, a bunch of products out there make sense and I’ll admit, I’m a sucker for a lot of it. It’s hard to be a woman and not feel the need to paint your face and drown your body in all the lotions and potions society tells us we should. Kudos to those who haven’t succumbed to that same pressure. That said, patriarchy or no patriarchy, you can pry my mascara from my cold, dead hands. There is a limit to what I’ll buy into though. I will never spend $500 + dollars on moisturizer, beauty salons frighten me and I will never buy any of the items featured on this list.


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