15 Most Fashionable Women In Music History

There is definitely a mutual relationship between fashion and music. Music artists have always made a great impact on the fashion industry and have a major influence on how their fans will dress. Some of the most iconic music industry fashion moments exist as one-off memorable creations while others become long lasting trends which take their place within modern culture.

For the union between music and fashion to occur, there are three collaborations that have always existed. The first is when the fashion industry decides to interpret a certain music theme or trend and use it as inspiration. The second is when fashion designers and music artists engineer fashion to fit a declared project. And the final one is when music artists express themselves through fashion within their personal life or through their music videos, or business ventures and their fans end up following in their footsteps.The women’s fashion industry is always shifting and these female celebrities are known to be great influences in these ever-changing trends.