15 Easy Ways To Give Your Hair More Body

6. Hue and Shadowing

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Often, supermodels and stylists utilize “shadowing”. This technique essentially alters the perception of one’s head of hair. Shadowing, when done effectively, can create undertones. These undertones look like shadows—and these shadows give the perception of lift. Keep your hair’s bottommost layer a bit darker. The area nearest your neck’s nape works well, here. Due to its darker tint, the illusion of depth, thickness and lift is yours for the taking.

5. Pick Up a Dry Shampoo

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If you need a quick answer, dryness is your friend. Humid atmospheres can destroy a well-kept lifted hairline, but dry shampoo can restore bounciness and volume. These dry shampoos are available at local drugstores, and they’re incredibly easy to use. Dry shampoos imbue hairlines with important particles and starches; these materials add volume to hair shafts, increasing lift in locks. Additionally, dry shampoos destroy volume-killing oils upon the scalp.

4. Become Conservative in Length

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Long hair is flat hair. Gravity is a fickle thing, and it’ll wrap your hair to your head. If you’re looking for a volume-increased haircut, shorter is better. Short hair, like a bob at the collarbone, keeps hair looking full, and it’s still versatile for special events. Such hair lengths work incredibly well for those who’ve tried everything, as reduced weight equates to bouncier locks.

3. Silica is Important, and it’s Easy to Find

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Are you reading these news reports? Diet is incredibly important for your hair. In particular, silica is a prime component responsible for hair thickness. When people get older, their hair thins, and declining silica levels reduce hair’s lift. Try consuming silica-high foods, like millet, bananas and radishes. They’ll keep you healthy, and they’ll keep your locks lush, voluminous and full.

2. Leave-In Conditioner is Your Friend

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Don’t just cover your hair in conditioner. While pre-treated hair can be given volume, leave-in conditioner works wonders for hard cases of flat hair. Slather your strands in some leave-in, and leave it in for the product’s described time. Leave-in conditioners are heavy in oils and silicones. These basic ingredients are fantastic hair-growing nutrients. When hair is sprayed mid-shaft down, they’re provided with fundamental growth components.

1. Lift From the Bottom with a Blow-Dryer

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You’ve probably mastered a simple blow-drying technique, but an altered angle can increase volume tenfold. Next time you’re out of the shower, flip your head to one side, and aim the blow-dryer at your neck’s nape. Move it upward as the hair dries. This will create a full-blown base, and it will support your hair’s overall lift. Do this until your hair is completely dry, and then focus on the other side. Roots are the cause of lost volume, but they can be brushed out with a small, round brush.