15 Easy Ways To Give Your Hair More Body

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Weather changes, and so does hair. When weekend adventures and bad products destroy a pre-planned pick-me-up, it’s time to boost your hair’s body and soul, and it’s time to access thick, luscious locks. With the right techniques, a little creativity and the correct products, the full-bodied hair you’ve dreamed of is just within reach.

Follow these 15 tips for voluminous hair and long-lifting solutions.

15. Volume While You Sleep

15 Tips For More Voluminous Hair - Volume While You Sleep -1

A lot of people forget about post-shower routines. Sure, beautiful hair is made through cleanliness—and cleanliness is made in the shower. While this may be true, there’s a lot to be said for an effective post-shower, post-op routine. Following a shower, gather up your damp hair. Put it in a bun, and position it at the top of your head. Once it’s been secured with several bobby pins, or a scrunchie, or even a loose hair tie, it can be let down. While you sleep, this compression will increase your hair’s flow. Additionally, it’ll create waves of luxurious volume.

14. Lighter is Better

15 Tips For More Voluminous Hair - Lighter is Better -2

Creating voluminous hair doesn’t require heavy application, it requires a light spritz. Where lifting products are concerned, lighter products are better. Don’t be fooled by the false marketing behind “age-old-tested-and-approved” gimmicks. Lighter is better. If you’re looking for lift and volume, focus upon whipped mousses and foams. Many are available, and they’re much cheaper than heavy stylizers. Look at you: You’re saving your hair and your money, now.

13. Highlights

15 Tips For More Voluminous Hair -Highlights -3

Highlights add dimension. Like bottom-layer shading, added highlights can create a hairline’s full appearance. Highlights add dimension, and they create complex-looking styles with simple coloration techniques. Highlighting the head’s crown won’t work well for those with thin hair. Similarly, avoid ill-looking chunky streaks. Acquire thinner highlights. These, when ranging between half an inch to one inch, can deliver the appearance of complex lifts. Volume, in this case, is in the eyes of the beholder.

12. Change Up the Part


Often, professional stylists promote simple solutions. Switching your part can release gravity-defying hair sections, and removing tension from roots can boost fullness and volume. Switching up the part changes things up, sure, but it also makes hair look increasingly lifted.

11. Become Creative with T-Shirts

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Once your volume-enhancing shampoo has been applied, utilize a cotton shirt for scrunching. Cotton t-shirts are incredibly forgiving to delicate hair, and they create weight at the head’s crown. This weight lifts the root, and it absorbs any unneeded products within the hair. When fighting hair deflation, t-shirts work incredibly well, as towels may be too rough—frizzing hair and roughing up the ends.

10. Tease it Up

15 Tips For More Voluminous Hair - Tease it Up - 6

Backcombing? It’s not time to go “full 1980s”, so don’t worry. However, teasing has become increasingly underrated within the style community. Try this: Grab a few hair sections. The head’s crown works well here. Take them from your natural part, where volume prospers. Now, back-comb the area, and focus upon each segment’s underside. With a few strokes, hair should appear increasingly full. Remember to smooth each top piece over—hiding the teased hair beneath.

9. Keep Your Body in Shape

15 Tips For More Voluminous Hair - Keep Your Body in Shape -7

Your hair is a significant body part. Like your skin, your muscles and your fingernails, it’s incredibly susceptible to dietary and fitness changes. You need to hit the gym. By doing so, you’ll generate hair growth, and you’ll increase volume. If you break a sweat regularly, you’ll circulate much-needed scalp nutrients. These nutrients release essential, natural oils, which keep the hairline healthy. Volume comes with free-flowing, healthy hair. You wouldn’t want to neglect your head of fundamental upward growth, would you?

8. You Are What You Eat. Again… Keep Your Body in Shape

15 Tips For More Voluminous Hair - You Are What You Eat - 8

Don’t worry, this isn’t a dietary lecture. However, protein is incredibly useful for creating strong hair. Protein calories stiffen lean, healthy muscle, and they build keratin within fingernails and hair. Increasing one’s protein intake has boosted hair volume, so it’s important to focus upon the nutrient as a dietary necessity. If you’re not into tuna and white chicken, try some wild salmon, and hunker down on some lentils and quinoa.

7. Cold Air is King

15 Tips For More Voluminous Hair - Cold Air is King -9

In need of a quick pick-me-up? If your hair has deflated, or, if you want to lock in added volume, focus on cold air. Many blow-dryers can effectively create fullness with an innovative hot-to-cold maneuver. Once your hair has been styled, lower the temperature. Cold air sets volume, and it locks in lifted hair.