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Meet the Todays Lifestyle Team Below

  • Cora Quigley

    Cora is pop culture junkie who hails from the rainiest shores of Ireland. She's passionate about a lot of things, including, but not limited to, movies, writing, burritos and Jared Leto's hair.

  • Leigh Taveroff

    Leigh Taveroff is a writer, journalism graduate and thumb-war champion from Ontario, Canada. As an avid globetrotter and a pop-culture aficionado, she writes features and reviews on all things from travel to lifestyle. Her passion and curiosity for the world will keep her searching, from one island or city to the next.

  • Michelle Lazo

    Michelle is a sucker for all things pop culture and entertainment, especially the celebrity gossip side of things! When she isn’t reading about all the drama of the rich and famous she likes watching movies and chilling with her friends.

  • Nicole Payawal

    Nicole was born in Southern California, and grew up in Orange County as well as Tucson, Az. She's by true definition a Cali girl all the way. She attended the University of San Francisco and studied Media Studies. She enjoys creative writing and everything Pop Culture. She's always looking for the latest trends in fashion, news, and music.

  • Vilma Barbosa

    Vilma is a creative freelance hairstylist in Vancouver, BC. She loves the outdoors and has traveled all over the world. Vilma is excited to bring her experience in the fashion industry and share it with the world.

  • Desiree Armstrong

    Desiree is a writing and business graduate. She cleaned beaches in New Zealand, trained in New York as a dancer and managed a band as an Anglophone in Montreal before picking the West Coast as home. She loves sharing her passion for writing with others and in her spare time plucks at the guitar. She can also lick her elbow- seriously.

  • Charlo Barbosa

    Charlo Barbosa is a serial entrepreneur involved in numerous tech ventures and is currently the CEO of Admanage Inc. and Chairman and COO of Native Ads Inc. Charlo is an avid sports enthusiast and loves to cheer for the Seattle Seahawks and Vancouver Canucks. He's got a passion for golf and would some day love to break par!

  • Ashley King

    Ashley King could definitely be described as a beauty and fashion junkie. She basically eats, breathes and sleeps the latest trends. She’s no stranger to love and relationships either! When she’s not writing for Today’s Lifestyle she can typically be found tearing up the dance floor or watching old movies.

  • Hannah McKnight

    Ever since she was a kid Hannah McKnight dreamed of travelling the world, so she makes it her mission to visit far off lands whenever the opportunity arises. In the meantime she writes about it to deal with her stay-at-home blues. In her downtime Hannah enjoys yoga, cooking and sports.

  • Jessica Serrano

    Jessica Serrano has been writing about food for ten years. She can never be found far from the kitchen, where she spends a lot of time trying to figure out new recipes for healthy and delicious concoctions! When she’s not obsessing over food she enjoys spending time with her husband and son.

  • Michelle Brown

    Michelle is passionate about healthy living and staying fit and loves to share what she’s learned about it with others. She could be described as a bit of gym bunny but she also has a wealth of other interests, including reading, art and fashion.